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Call for papers

The main focus of the NDCM conference is the use of nondestructive evaluation methods                                                                       as an investigation tool to  determine the  materials  properties, characterize parts of                                                                         materials or features detected within them.

On twelve previous occasions around the world  the scientific and engineering community                                                                    has gathered to consider the science and technology of nondestructive evaluation applied                                                                  to materials characterization.

This symposium encourages papers addressing issues of current and future interest,                                                                 covering both theoretical and experimental work. Of considerable interest will be state-                                                                       of-the-art developments and applications where the complex nature of materials is                                                                      recognized.

Furthermore,  discussions  on  the  applications  and  possibilities  for  multi-technique                                                     measurements  of  interdependent  parameters  and the evaluation of the data through                                                       sophisticated computer analyses are also encouraged.

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